How To Have a Successful Fundraising Stall

Author: Sue Marks  

Your Guide to Creating a Facebook Event for All Your Fundraising Activities
Your Guide To Creating A Facebook Event For All Your Fundraising Activities

At Smart Gift Ideas we understand all too well the hard work and dedication our community of smart gift givers put in to making their fundraising efforts a success. We live through the experience with you, and understand at times it can be stressful, especially if the pressure is all on you.

Well now that’s going to change. YAY

We want to take some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders and onto ours. Starting today, we will be uploading regular blog posts with tips and tricks on how to simplify your fundraising process.

Today we will be outlining a very simple, yet effective method of advertising your stall using Facebook.

So please enjoy your guide to creating a Facebook event for your fundraising activities.

Facebook events are a great way to communicate messages in a clear concise manner to hundreds and even thousands of people in little to no time. We have broken down the process into easy to manage steps, so follow along and create an event. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 80 33 10, or via Facebook message.

  1. Open Facebook
  2. Go to your School’s business/community Facebook page
  3. Click the 3 dots to the right of ‘Like’ ‘Follow’ ‘Share’, underneath your cover photo
  4. Select ‘Create Event’ in the drop-down options

Note: To be able to create an event on behalf of the School’s page, you must be the admin of the page. If you are not admin don’t stress, you can gain admin access easily. Either message the page, explain the situation and request to become admin, or ask the members of your P&C who the admin of the page is and contact them directly. 

Great job! Now you have created the event.

Next step is to add all your event details.


Description Of The Event

Event Photo or Video:

This image will be used on the main page of the event. Cover photo image is 16:9 ration. Use 1920 x 1080 pixels as a guide if needed.

If you can’t re-size your image don’t stress. Facebook will re-size the image for you, so just make sure your image has a high resolution.


Event Name:

Enter the name of the event.

When creating your event name, keep it short and simple.

Example: 2020 Father’s Day Stall - St Joseph’s Primary

The event name can be a maximum of 64 characters (not including spaces).

Remember: if your event name is too long, it will not be seen on mobile phones, so start with the most important information.  



Where will the event be held? Enter where the location will be held. This doesn’t need to be specific, the schools name will suffice.



Is your event a one off or a reoccurring event?

This section is helpful if you have a reoccurring event; it saves you having to make multiple events.

However, we suggest it is best to make your event a once off, unless you already have the stall dates confirmed for the following year. Keep in mind the details might change.



Choose the date, start and end time of the event.

While not ideal to edit later, the date and times are editable. If you do need to change the date and time, everyone on the event will get a notification when any of the following is edited: name, location, date, start and end time.

If you don’t want to be receiving messages about the event turn this off. If this feature is off people will only be able to ask questions about your event on your public page or post them in the event themselves.

If you get the same question a few times, we suggest to make a status within the group answering that question as it will prevent others asking the question in the future.



Choose this option if your event will either be free to attend or if there is an admission fee.

If your event isn’t free and the public has to buy tickets, choose the correct category for them to do so.

If your event is paid, select the ‘paid’ tab which gives you the option of advising if the event is paid or the option of inserting the link to buy tickets. If the tickets are available online on a separate website, copy the link and paste it into the section provided.

Options – Choose who can edit and post in your event.



If you are the only person hosting this event you are not required to add any co-hosts, however we suggest adding all the members of the P&C so they can also insert information when necessary.

If there are multiple people who are helping with the event you may select ‘add co-host’, then enter their Facebook name and they will automatically be a co-host to the event.



Select if you want the public to be able to post in the event for everyone to see.


Guest list:

Choose if event attendees can see the other attendees or not. We suggest it is best for others to see who the other event attendees are and who is and isn’t attending.



Your event is now created and published. Now time to send out invites!



Once you create the event, it will direct you to the event page.

Click ‘Share’ on the top right-hand corner

Then click ‘Invite Friends’ you will then be able to type in guest names, (you can select multiple names),

Click send invites and all the guests you have invited will receive the Facebook notification and they can click attending or not attending (note: you must be friends with the people you wish to invite).

You have now created an event. This will streamline all your communication and ensure everyone gets the right information the first time.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post with more of our tips and tricks.