Customised Merchandise and End of Year 6 products

From USB's to Hats and Caps, Drink Bottles to Polo Shirts and Sports Jackets, we can customise and supply anything you need wiith your school emblem or organisations logo or name. 

If your School or Club has a special anniversary or milestone coming up, celebration glasses and drink holders which parents/members can purchase are a very popular fundraising idea.

Minimum Ordering Quantity for Customised Merchandise

The minimum order required for personalised (branded) merchandise items is $1,000 in total value.
This does not apply to Signature Frames, Bears & Balls or Year 6 School Shirts.



The end of the Primary School marks an end of an era with many special memories between school friends and teachers.  We have some lovely ideas for gifts for end of year farewells that students and teachers can keep as mementos of their Primary School years.

Ordering is easy!