Tech Toppers Fundraiser



Tech Toppers are a great new fundraising opportunity which your community will LOVE!

What are Tech Toppers?

Tech Toppers are removable vinyl decals to decorate your laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones and more! Collaborations with brands such as Emoji, Hello Kitty, The Simpsons, Hot Wheels, WWE and The Lord Of The Rings show just how fun, fresh and exciting this new Tech Toppers fundraising opportunity is. 
Kids love Tech Toppers as with over 100 individual decals in each pack, it allows for complete personalisation and individuality. No two devices will look the same!

How to Fundraise with Tech Toppers:

1. Send our Order Form home with Students which outlines the fundraiser. 
2. Collect the Order Forms and place your order online with us at or phone 1300 80 33 10
3. Your order will be dispatched within 48 hours and your community will be Tech Topping in no time!

(*Minimum Order 20 Units of any Assorted Tech Toppers)

The Benefits of Fundraising with Tech Toppers:

You purchase Tech Toppers at their wholesale price of $6.75 (incl GST) each
You sell Tech Toppers for the Recommended Retail Price of $14.95 each
Equalling $8.20 PROFIT per unit sold, which is great fundraising potential! 

For further information, contact our team on 1300 80 33 10 or email


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