Our gift to you this Father's Day: Fun and Funky DIY Father's Day Card Ideas!

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to celebrate the coolest dads in town! Forget the usual

store-bought cards and get ready to put a smile on his face with these DIY Father's Day card ideas. 

Let's get crafting!


Photo Montage Card:

Gather snapshots of memorable moments and arrange them in a crazy collage. Add quirky captions, colourful

stickers, and a heartfelt message to make a card full of mems!

Pop-up Card:

Make Father's Day pop—literally! You can find various templates online or get creative and design your own

pop-up element, incorporating his favourite hobbies or interests. We love this easy peasy one from diyjoy.com


Dad Joke Card:

Is your Dad a master of dad jokes? Create a card that celebrates his pun-tastic humour! Write down a few of

his best dad jokes, illustrate them with goofy doodles, and give him a card guaranteed to get a laugh. 

Adventure Map Card:

For Dads with a thirst for adventure, create a map-themed card that promises exciting times ahead.

Design a mini-map with destinations describing your favourite memories together. Add a compass drawing

and a message like "To Many More Adventures!" for a super cute touch.

Superhero Card:

Let your Dad know he's your superhero by creating a card that shows him as a comic book character. Turn

him into a caped crusader or an everyday hero with a personalised comic strip featuring you and your

dad sharing a funny moment, a cherished memory, or an inside joke.

Handprint Card:

Capture the essence of Dad's high-fives with a handprint-themed card. Dip your hand in colourful paint

and stamp it on cardstock, creating a unique and vibrant design. Add googly eyes and a big smile for

an extra dose of fun.


From wacky photo montages to pop-up surprises and Dad joke celebrations, these DIY Father's Day card

ideas are bound to make your Dad's day extra special. 

So grab your craft supplies and show your Dad how much he means to you with a card that's as fun and unique as he is!