10 other GENIUS uses for your Cosmetics Bag!

There's just something about a Cosmetic bag that we can't seem to get enough of! 

And we don't think we are alone when we say we probably own twenty of them! Sure, we could cut it back a little,

but they are SO cute, and there is a tonne of other ways to use all those little bags you're hoarding beyond just

storing make-up.

Check out our 10 GENIUS ideas to justify your growing collection of Cosmetic Bag cute-ness. 

1. First Aid Kit

Store a basic (mini) first aid kit in a Cosmetic Bag and keep it in your car or suitcase for on-the-go boo-boo treatment.

2. Small Game Storage

Keep handheld games, playing card decks, Pokemon cards, small puzzles, and other small toys inside. 

3. Journal Supplies

Store your pens, markers, pencils, rulers, stickers, and the rest of your journaling stash in a Cosmetic Bag so you can

doodle and write anywhere, any time. Also good to throw in a pack of crayons for the kids for on-the-go colouring!

4. Car Console Organisation

That black hole in your car's middle console is a mess, right? Instead of digging around in a cubby you can barely see,

fill a Cosmetic Bag with all your necessities; mints, tissues, lip balm, sanitiser, etc., and store it in the console.

5. Secret Mum Snacks

Save all the yummy fancy treats you don't want to share with your kids in a spare Cosmetic Bag and

hide in your handbag – safe from sticky little fingers!

6. Emergency Kit

When we say emergency kit, we don't mean medical or other serious emergencies. More like those little day-to-day

emergencies when we find ourselves dealing with a broken nail, hair disaster or other last-minute mini-emergency!

A spare Cosmetic Bag can keep these personal items in order and easily accessible!

7. Doggie Diaper Bag

For all our fur Mums and Dads, keep a bag of emergency dog treats, a collapsible water bowl and waste bags

inside a Cosmetic Bag. It's great to take along when you go to the park or brunch at your fave cafe. 

8. Store your lingerie while travelling

We keep our bras and undies separate from the rest of our clothing when we travel.

Cosmetic Bags are great for keeping these delicate items private and protected.

9. Save your tech

In this day and age, many of us carry around extra cords, cables, earbuds and other random tech gadgets

everywhere we go. Save your gadgets and chords by keeping them in a dedicated "tech bag" so you don't have to

wrangle wires and detangle knots whenever you need to charge your phone!

10. Nerf Gun Darts

Not only do Nerf Gun Darts end up all over the house, they typically end up all over your yard, too.

Let your kids store them in a spare Cosmetic bag, so the darts stay contained.

Bonus, cleaning them up is way easier when you have a bag to drop them into.

*BONUS! Cute Cosmetic Bags are also the perfect clutch.

We don't know about you, but we have some pretty cute Cosmetic Bags!

They are the perfect size and shape to store your phone, cash, cards, and lipstick or compact!

We love finding new ways to re-purpose our Cosmetic Bags.

What are some ways you re-purpose yours?