10 Reasons why Mums everywhere need Coffee

Ah, coffee, the liquid saviour of sleep-deprived Mums everywhere. 

Everyday life is packed with work meetings, doctor's appointments, gym classes, carpools, and so much

more. With a million and one things to do, can you imagine getting through it without your daily energy fix?

Whether you are a new mum or a seasoned pro in the game of motherhood, nothing may be more satisfying than

a hot cup of coffee! In fact, there are many reasons why drinking coffee is beneficial to our health, happiness,

and overall well-being. 


So here are our 10 reasons why Mums (and parents) everywhere need coffee—and should feel good about it.

Reason 1: 
When that dreaded alarm rings way too early, what gives you enough motivation to get
out of

bed? It's the promise of that morning cup of coffee! 


Reason 2: For the energy to break up the morning battle already taking place between your kids.

Reason 3: For focus at work to do all the things - and really, there are so many things for working parents to do.


Reason 4: For when you need to go grocery shopping and feel like the superwoman you long to be - you can

crush the aisles of Woolies in 60 minutes! 


Reason 5: During afternoon meetings, a colleague casually asks, "Want to grab some coffee?" You must

play it cool and not respond like the fangirl you are inside …

("Yes, thanks, that sounds great," not "OMG YES, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!") 

Reason 6: For when you just want to be social and connect with friends and loved ones –

because what's more important than that?


Reason 7: And for late at night, when everyone else is finally sound asleep, and you can get ahead of

the next day's tasks - lunch boxes packed, uniforms ironed, a load of washing on ... just the thought of

coffee is enough to get through this last moment of the day and sleep soundly at night. 


Reason 8:For the sheer versatility! Just think about it. How many other beverages offer the kind of

options that coffee does? Looking for a sweet treat? Cover it in chocolate dust or make yourself a rich mocha

or an affogato. How about a refreshing cool-down during a hot afternoon? Grab an iced coffee! 

Reason 9: Because it's packed with Vitamins and Minerals! 

DID YOU KNOW? Regular coffee drinkers can expect to receive a surprising number of vitamins and minerals

from their morning brew. Many types of vitamin B can be found in coffee, including B-2, or riboflavin,

which is excellent for skin, eyes, and hair health, and B-5, which helps with digestive function and red blood

cell production. So, drink your morning coffee and you're well on your way to a vitamin and mineral-packed day!


Reason 10: Most importantly … it's delicious! Let's face it—we love how coffee tastes. So why

deprive ourselves of the tastes we love? There's a good reason humans around the world have been drinking

coffee and integrating it into their cultures for close to 500 years. Why stop tradition now? Drink up!


From the start of a busy day to the moment it's ending, as parents, we often forget to take a second to sit down

and take a break from our daily duties. Coffee reminds us to do just that.

So, when you reheat your cup of coffee for what seems like the millionth time, don't forget to sit down and enjoy it.