15 Mother's Day Activities to Make Her Feel Extra Special

Mums deserve the world every day, especially on Mother's Day.

So, if you haven't already planned to shower your mum with FUN and LOVE, we have the perfect Mother's Day activity

ideas to make the loveliest lady in your life feel extra special.

PSA! If you’re a mum reading this, and you’re hoping to take a break from all the family planning this Mother’s

Day, why not share this post with your family (who, let’s face it, we know are frantically trying to get organised)

so they know just how to spoil you?

1. Let her sleep in.
It's a no-brainer ... gift Mum what she's been desperately craving: a few hours of uninterrupted sleep! 

2. Serve breakfast in bed.
More like brunch in bed — after catching those ZZZs. Then enjoy pancakes and snuggles! Don't forget the coffee!

3. Take a family bike ride or plan a picnic … or both! 
Get the whole crew up and moving! Decorate Mum's bike with some pretty flowers and enjoy fun in the sun with her

favourite foods and favourite people. 

4. Hunt for deals at a local market.
Mums are the BEST at finding epic deals, so why not do some bargain hunting together? Head to a local market,

antique shop or farmer's market. Pick fresh produce and discover new favourites to add to your collection. You never

know what you'll find.

5. Spruce up the garden.
Get the whole family outside and dig in the dirt together. Every time Mum sees her lovely new plants, she'll be

reminded of the special day — it's the gift that keeps on giving!

6. Head to the beach.
With Summer behind us, it might not be perfect swimming weather, but the sun, the waves and strolling down the

beach collecting shells are ideal for a relaxing Mother's Day.

7. Have a backyard BBQ.
Backyard BBQs are usually associated with Father's Day, but Mum loves her burgers and dogs, too! 

8. Set up a scavenger hunt.
Get the whole family involved in a backyard or neighbourhood scavenger hunt list. Build a list and split into teams.

We love the idea of including items like "take a video of yourself telling someone three things you love most about

Mum" or "find a flower outside to give to Mum." The first team to finish WINS!

9. Craft the perfect playlist.
Put the songs on during the day or get the whole family together, channel your inner Beyoncé, and belt out Mum's

fave songs for karaoke night! PSA! Hairbrushes work well as microphones!

10. Watch home movies.
It's an oldie but a goodie! Scour Netflix, Stan, Binge, Prime or Disney Plus and host a home movie marathon.

Don't forget the popcorn! 

11. Make a scrapbook.
Break out the old photo albums, print some of your phone pics and turn them all into a book full of mems.

You could even make it a yearly tradition.

12. Play a family board game.
There is nothing like a friendly board game competition. (No, you don't have to let her win just because

it's Mother's Day.)

13. Have a make-your-own pizza party.
DIY pizza: It's a craft (depending on how carefully you place the toppings), a fun activity and a dinner all at once!

Start with basic pizza dough, and then everyone gets to add their favourite toppings. Mum gets the first pick, of course.

14. Followed by a DIY sundae bar.
Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without something sweet. Turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlour (and promise

her you'll clean up after). Pick your favourite toppings and set them on the table for everyone to make the perfect

ice cream sundae.

              15. Treat her to some 'mum' time. 
Whether it's a massage, a luxurious blow wave, or a mani-pedi… help Mum feel like the queen she is! Join her if you

can and turn it into a fun spa day!

Whatever activity or surprise you land on to show the special lady in your life your appreciation for all they do, the

most important thing is that you all get to spend quality time together.