15 Tips for Epic DIY Family Photos!

Family photos are an awesome way to capture unforgettable moments and create lasting memories. Instead of

relying on professional photographers, why not embark on a thrilling adventure of taking your own EPIC family

photos? Get ready to unleash your creativity, have a blast, and capture in time the fun in your family.

Seek Out Unique Locations: Think outside the box and scout for exciting and unconventional locations that reflect

your family's personality and sense of adventure. How about a colourful mural, a local market, or even a treehouse

at the park?

Time It Like a Boss: Plan your photoshoot during golden hours, or embrace the magic of twilight. Experiment with

different times of the day and lighting to enhance your images.


Dress Up: Encourage your family to dress in fun, quirky, or matching outfits. Oh, hey, double denim! Let your imagination

run wild and bring out the fashionista in each family member. The wackier, the better!

Strike a Pose or Not: Forget about stiff poses and opt for spontaneous, silly, or outrageous ones. Encourage everyone

to show their true personalities and capture those hilarious and authentic moments that perfectly define your family.

Props Galore: Get creative with props that reflect your family's interests and hobbies. Giant sunglasses, vintage

suitcases, balloons, or a giant cardboard cutout.

From hats and masks to moustaches and speech bubbles, these vibrant designs will make your
photos unforgettable.

Go Wild with Angles: Climb trees, lie on the ground, or climb high on a ladder. Experiment with unique angles and

perspectives to capture perspectives that are not commonly seen. The sky's the limit!

Embrace Colorful and Quirky Backgrounds: Seek out vibrant, eye-catching backgrounds to make your family stand

out. Graffiti walls, blooming flower fields, or even a bustling city street—let the backdrop bring extra energy to your photos.

Play with Special Effects: Add a touch of magic to your photos with special effects like sparklers, confetti, or even bubble

machines. Let the whimsy come to life!

Let Natural Light Be Your Muse: Seek out the warm, golden light of sunrise or sunset. Natural light adds a magical glow

to your photos, enhancing the perfect imperfections of your family.


Candid Camera Fun: Candid moments are often the most treasured. Encourage laughter, tickles, and playful interactions,

capturing genuine joy and love.

Zoom In on Details: Don't forget to capture the tiny details that make your family unique—the dimples, freckles, or

funny facial expressions. These close-up shots will bring smiles for years to come.

Edit with a Dash of Pizzazz: Once you're done shooting, add a touch of creativity during the editing process. Play

with filters, colours, and effects to give your photos that extra wow factor.


Pets, Props, and Grandparents, Oh My!: Get the whole gang involved! Include beloved pets, props, and even

grandparents for a multi-generational photoshoot that celebrates the love and bond of your family.

Fun Challenges and Games: Turn your photo shoot into a game or a challenge. Let the laughter and friendly

competition flow, whether a silly dance-off, a jumping competition, or a "who can make the funniest face" contest.

Embrace the Unexpected: Embrace the beauty of spontaneity and the unexpected. Sometimes, unplanned and

hilarious moments become the highlights of your family photo collection.

By applying these 15 tips, you can create amazing DIY family photos that genuinely reflect the love and joy within

your family. So grab your camera, have fun, and capture those unforgettable moments!