Conversations with Grandma

Who You Callin' Old Lady?

All too often, we think of grandmothers as the old people in the corner to be tolerated at family functions. It is only as we

get older, we start to realise what a treasure it is to have our grandmothers, and for many, we wish we made more

effort to have a chat and paid attention to Grandma's stories and lessons or asked more questions…or just simply spent

some more time with her.

Grandmothers are Magical. 

They hold a superpower... able to look at the past because they were there. They have the unique ability to

share family traditions and why they are the way they are. They can call someone out bluntly but with love and

say things that only Grandmas can get away with. They can put you in your place, make you laugh, and make

you feel like the most brilliant, perfect person in the entire world, all at the same time. Magical!

Conversations with Grandma.

Why are conversations with Grandma different from other adults in the family? Because they have the time

to give their full attention. They aren't distracted by daily to-dos. They aren't feeling the scrutiny of other Grandmothers.

They aren't feeling the guilt of maybe not doing it quite right. Other grandparents' opinions, expectations, education,

financial status, or life experience don't influence them. They aren't trying to make everything "perfect" because

they now know that's not what is most important. They just are.  


Here are 10 conversations to have with your Grandma to get to know her and learn about the amazing

woman she is. You might even learn some fantastic things about who you are too!

What is your full name? Where did it come from? Is there a special meaning behind it?

What are the names of your parents? 

Did you have any nicknames growing up? 

When and where were you born? 

What sort of things did you do with your family when you were young?

Who were your friends? What did you like to do together?

What schools did you attend, and did you do any after-school activities?

What was your favourite subject in school?

Who was your favourite and least favourite teacher? And why?

Tell me about how you met Grandpa? How did he propose?


Grandmothers make history, repeat history and carry history. They pass on stories, nursery rhymes, family traditions,

long-forgotten events, twists and

turns in our lives.

Conversations with Grandma are one of the most precious things. Who could ask for more?