How Plants Sprout Happiness

Plants, plants, we love plants!

Besides being a piece of trendy decor, plants do so much for us ... beyond the exchange of carbon dioxide and

oxygen.Don't be-leaf us? Let's delve into our magical relationship with plants and how they make our lives feel good! 

Scientists call it Biophilia, which quite literally translates to "love of life." Biophilia supports our innate

tendency to seek a connection with nature for its calming and energy-boosting effects.

It's that feeling we get when surrounded by open sky and greenery. Nature makes us feel happier, more

relaxed and spiritually connected. Remember how good it felt the last time you walked barefoot on freshly

mown grass? Or picnic under the shade of a tree ... it's that! 

Move over Vitamin D; there's another serotonin booster in town: Mycobacterium Vaccae.

Yes, the name's a bit of a tongue twister, but ultimately it's the bacteria found in most plant soil. Studies

have shown that this bacteria improves breathing, reduces allergies and asthma, and increases serotonin levels.  

Being around plants makes us feel good. Looking after plants makes us feel even better - plants don't

cry, wet their beds, throw tantrums, or need regular walking. Just saying!

Our inside minds need to be stimulated too, and one of the best ways is to bring the energy of the

outdoors, indoors ... with plants. 

Manage to master keeping them alive, and your indoor plants will keep you healthy by filtering out toxins,

purifying the air, and even acting as natural humidifiers by adding moisture to the air.So if you're looking for

a green fix of health & happiness, try a plant. Just one very minor detail: plant shopping is

highly addictive! And so is finding cute pots!