Our Choc a Block Guide to Easter Family FUN!

With the smell of hot cross buns wafting wherever we go and the temptation of chocolate eggs in every

supermarket – it's apparent that the four-day Easter weekend is once again on our (bunny) tails. We've got some fun

and fancy ideas to help inspire your Easter celebrations! So buckle up for our choc-a-block guide to a fun,

family-friendly, four-day Easter weekend. 

Skip the holiday traffic and go glamping at home!

Traditionally many families stock up their cars and head to a camping destination over Easter. That usually

means you'll spend half your time battling the long weekend traffic. No. Thanks! Why not try your own

'glamping' adventure at home. The kids will love the idea, and you'll still have all the creature comforts of home.

Set up your backyard tent (or hire a funky tepee). String some fairy lights, cook up a gourmet seafood BBQ

and enjoy star gazing and story time with your family.

Embrace Colour

The shops are filled with coloured foil eggs and treats galore, so why not take the opportunity to bring a big

pop of colour into your home. You can keep it simple and fresh with a vase of brightly coloured flowers or go wild

and set your Easter table with a colourful assortment of tableware. Don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces.

It's fun!

Celebrate Cultural Heritage

The modern Australian family often shares more than one cultural heritage. Preparing traditional recipes

celebrating your background is a lovely family tradition to share at your Easter table. A multicultural Good Friday

seafood feast sounds amazing to us. Or, you may even want to ask everyone to bring their traditional Easter

dessert plate to Easter Sunday lunch. Yum!

Fun for little (and BIG) Kids!

Who doesn't love the opportunity to celebrate time with family and friends while surrounded by chocolate and

colour? Embrace the joys of Easter egg hunts, hat parades, cake decorating, and even dressing up as the Easter

bunny. Kids love when the grown-ups join in on the activities, and these times create some of the best memories!

Here are our top five EGGstra awesome activities for this Easter break:

The good old Easter egg hunt: You cannot beat the classics! Whether you are planning this for the indoors

or outdoors, a treasure egg hunt will surely fill your day with laughter, energy and memories. 

Egg and spoon race: Try this good old-fashioned outdoor game. It's ridiculously fun and super competitive

for the whole fam! All you need are eggs (hard-boiled are the least messy!) and a bunch of spoons.. Now RACE!

The winner will be the one who reaches the finish line first without dropping their egg.

BONUS! Decorate before you RACE!

Decorating Easter eggs:  Did Easter even happen if you didn't spend some time decorating eggs? It’s

time to get your creative juices flowing. All you need is heaps of paint, glitter, googly eyes and other crafty bits.

Baking: Because there is nothing better than bunny-shaped cookies or carrot cake muffins, let's make a mess in

the kitchen! The treat at the end? Devouring the baked goodies! 

Easter colouring in! Print off heaps of Easter-themed colouring pages and stock up on coloured pencils, crayons

and markers. Once the masterpieces are finished, hang them around the house for cute and

custom-made Easter decor. 

Check out these FUN and FREE Easter Printables thanks to Crayola!