Our gift to you this Mother's Day: Practical tips and time-saving hacks for making mum-life easier!

Between school drop-offs and pick-ups, grocery shopping, household chores, juggling a full- or part-time job

and then some, there never seems to be enough time in a day for a busy mum.

There is always something that needs doing, from the moment you wake up until the moment you get into

bed, and don't you love it when your overtired mind starts running to-do lists the moment your head hits

the pillow?!

Sometimes in life, no matter how independent and #bosswoman you are, you just need someone to tell

you what to do.

So, check out these simple tips to help defeat overwhelm and make mum life easier.

1. Plan ahead

Before bed, make sure your and the kids' lunches and bags are packed and clothes are ready for the next day,

so there's no looking for shoes or books in the morning.

2. Network

Find families who live close by and recruit them as your 'village' because the saying is true! Work together with other

Mums to take turns dropping off and picking up … you each could save hours!

3. Bedtimes

You get more done when you are not worn out, and the key to that is sleep.

Many of us fall into the habit of staying up late to get some alone time … which means we are sacrificing our sleep

and waking up tired, less energetic, and less productive the next day. Try setting a timer for your alone time once the

kids go to bed, and when it goes off, finish what you're doing and get yourself some well-deserved rest.

Going to bed early also means you can steal even more time as you can probably wake up earlier. The first few

weeks of dragging yourself out of bed earlier than usual will be a struggle, but once you get into the habit, having

peace and quiet while you relax with a face mask on and a cup of coffee or squeeze in some exercise while the rest of

the house is still fast asleep is pure bliss!

4. Weekly family meetings

Regardless of the age of the children, a weekly family meeting can help save time for everyone by ensuring that you

are all on the same page with what will be happening in the upcoming week. This can include school, daycare, work,

extracurricular activities, social activities, family outings, etc. Family meetings are the ideal way to get everyone working

collaboratively on the same page towards the same goal, which saves everyone time by increasing communication and

decreasing overall family stress.

5. Meal plan

Every Sunday, plan out your meals for the next 7 days. This will help you stay sane, save money, and avoid

overspending on take-away.

6. Embrace the last minute

Nothing makes you do something faster than a deadline. But the key is to be realistic. If you want to clean the house,

invite friends over! If you want to finish a lot of work, book a lunch meeting for the following day. If you don't get the

work done, you can't go!

7. Exercise

I know, I know, but the reality is, exercise isn't just good for you because it's, well, good for you. It's also a great way to

do something for yourself at a time in your life when it can feel like everything you do is for everyone else. If you don't

already exercise regularly, the trick is to find the best point in your day when it is possible to do some.

Some mornings it might just be a quick ten-minute stretch or yoga session; sometimes, you might be able to manage

forty minutes of cardio.

The trick is to be flexible about when you exercise but try and find a time of day that works for you in the here and now.

And however long it is, think of it as your weekday dose of 'me time.'

8. Make everything a game.

Have you noticed how competitive kids and toddlers are? When you're running late or are struggling to encourage your kids,

make it fun and pretend it's a game!

9. Reframe perfect

Real life cannot be captured in an Instagram square, so step away from the pressure to have the perfect work-life

balance, family home, job and family. Good enough is far more attainable than perfection. If it's working for you and

your family, then it's good enough.

10. The best mum hack!

Be kind to yourself. Go on date nights. Have a bath and close the door. Let the kids eat food off the floor. And for the

love of coffee, don't compare yourself to anybody else! You got this!