Quick Multi-Buy: Making Smart Gift Giving a Breeze!


Buying gifts in bulk can be a real hassle. But fear not! Our Quick Multi-Buy feature is here to save the day,

making large-scale gift shopping a piece of cake. In this blog post, we'll dive into how this nifty tool simplifies

gift buying, so you can easily snag the perfect presents. 


Convenience at your Fingertips: Gone are the days of trekking to multiple stores or spending hours

comparing prices. With Quick Multi-Buy, gift giving has never been smarter. You can do it all from 

the comfort of your lounge or office chair. Convenience? Check!


Effortless Gift Selection: Quick Multi-Buy has your back whether you're looking for a particular

gift type or have a specific product in mind. It offers a curated selection of options, from personalised

goodies to trendy gadgets. Finding the ideal gift for each recipient becomes a breeze. 



Streamlining the Process: Say goodbye to endless scrolling and confusion! Quick Multi-Buy cuts

through the chaos by letting you search for gifts based on type, product name, or SKU code. No more

wasting time sifting through irrelevant options - just straight forward and speedy searches. 


Adding Quantities to the Cart: Got a long list of gifts to buy? Quick Multi-Buy has you covered! It 

allows you to add the right quantities to your cart, making bulk purchases a cinch. When planning

a school fundraiser, this feature saves you time and minimises mistakes. 



With Smart Gift Ideas Quick Multi-Buy, gift giving in bulk has never been simpler. This feature transforms

your fundraiser shopping, from streamlining the process to effortless gift selection. So why stress over

large-scale gift purchases? Embrace the magic of Smart Gift Ideas Quick Multi-Buy and enjoy a 

stress-free gift-shopping experience like never before! 


It's just another way we like to make things easier for our Customers... and here's the proof:

The quick multi-buy function was terrific! Being able to easily select invoice accounts was great.

Thanks again for all your help and for making the process smooth and simple. We are hopeful for

another successful Father's Day stall at our school and thank you and the Smart Gift Ideas team 

for helping make that happen! - Drew, Musswellbrook Public School


Try it for yourself today!