Tips and Tricks on nailing a fool-proof Fundraiser!

At Smart Gift Ideas, we're proud to be your one-stop shop for all things fundraising and giftware!

We exist for one reason only: to support our amazing community of fundraisers, and we understand, all too well, the

hard work and dedication our community of smart gift-givers put into making their fundraising efforts a success.

Aside from the obvious benefits for your school, fundraising events can help build a connected community and lead

to a lot of fun, laughter, and memories, but while important, they can take a lot of effort.

So, if you invest time and resources into a fundraising campaign, it pays to do it the SMART way, which is

where we come in!  We just LOVE helping you make fundraising effortlessly simple and enjoyable!



When planning your fundraising, working out your outcomes is an excellent place to start.

What do you need to raise money for? How much do you need to raise? What are the end goals?

How much time do you have, and when do you need to raise money by? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Factor in your schedule and any deadlines you need to work to. Many hands make light work ...

so spread the word and start delegating!

Put some thought into how you can best recruit volunteers. Rather than just putting out a mass call for help

and leaving it at that, try some of these ideas:

Personally invite someone you know who has a particular skill.

Approach new school community members and encourage them to join a committee or assist with a task.

Involve students in the process. They can get real-world experience with project management,

communication, problem-solving, teamwork, maths, and more!


How will everyone in your school community know about your event? Along with word of mouth and some

posters around the school, your school Newsletter and app are the ideal places to announce your event,

build excitement and share regular updates.

The key is to promote your event clearly and widely.



There's a reason you can't spell fundraiser without FUN! You'll have a more successful fundraiser if you're

enjoying yourself. Be creative and make it fun for you, your team, and your community.

A fun, and creative fundraiser will stand out from the crowd, encourage people to make more donations,

and share the fundraiser so their friends and family can participate.



Remember, you don't have to run your fundraiser alone. Smart Gift Ideas is here to help you create a

successful fundraiser for your school community - big or small. Have questions? Ready to get started?

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