Tips for Wrapping the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Is your Mother’s Day shopping done?

If your answer is no, then you should probably check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide! With over 50 gifts to

choose from, we have a SMART GIFT IDEA for every kind of Mum.

But if your answer is yes? Great job! Now it’s time to start wrapping.

 A good gift needs an equally good presentation, so here are our tips for wrapping up the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.


1. Craft paper and twine

A classic idea for wrapping that is timeless. Easy to do and provides your gift with a vintage vibe.


2. Use photographs for tags

Reignite happy memories to make Mum smile, with a thoughtful photo attached, before she even opens the gift.


3. Be creative with various materials

Think outside the (craft) box! Sometimes the best materials are those around your house, such as brown paper, lace,

spare buttons and ribbon.


4. Add flowers

Using nature is an elegant way to give your gift a glow-up! Add pops of colour and texture with different

flowers or leaves.


5. Use a stencil or stamps to decorate the paper

Have fun! An easy way to get your creative juices flowing. Stencils and stamps can be used with any colour

paint on most materials.



Don’t stress ... gift wrapping has no rules or “right and wrong”!

Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts, so have fun and be creative.

PSA! It's all over social media, and it's a gift-wrapping hack we aren't mad about!

The humble Tea Towel … great for drying dishes and makes excellent (eco-friendly) gift wrapping!


We all love wrapping paper, but for most people, it's straight to the recycling bin...our Baking Queen Tea Towel

is the gift-wrapping solution you didn't know you even needed in your life! 

It's pretty simple, really ... 

Step 1: Grab your Baking Queen tea towel and your gift. TIP: It's easier if the gift comes in a box! 

Step 2: Open out your tea towel with the front facing down. Lay your gift in the middle.

Step 3: Fold over 2 sides.

Step 4: Bring up the opposite sides and bunch it all up in the middle

Step 5: Secure it with string or twine or anything that has a bit of durability.

Bam! 2 presents in one!

Happy wrapping!