A letter to Dad on Father's Day

We totally take our real rad dads for granted sometimes! But guess what? It's almost Father's Day, and we're

about to show our superhero dads some serious love with a heartfelt letter from the whole family! 


Dear Dad, 

This Father's Day, we will pull out all the stops to celebrate the incredible superhero you are to our little family gang.

Get ready for a day filled with love, laughter, and some serious Dad-itude! 


From the moment you stepped into the role of "Dad", it was like you had already been doing it your whole

life. You embraced the chaos of parenting with a smile and turned every challenge into an adventure.

Who knew changing nappies and singing lullabies at 3am could be so much fun? You did! 


Our kids are undoubtedly the luckiest because they have the coolest, most fun-loving dad in the whole universe.

Your skill for making even the most boring tasks exciting and silly has turned our home into a playground of

giggles and joy. 


How you make up bedtime stories with heroic feats and epic battles is simply mind-blowing! The kids hang onto every

word; honestly, I do too. You're like a bedtime story ninja! 


And let's talk about your dad jokes. Yes, those legendary puns and one-liners leave us rolling our eyes and

snickering simultaneously. The kids may pretend to groan, but deep down, they love every bit of it. 


You've taught our kids essential life skills with such creativity and enthusiasm. They know you're the

ultimate expert in everything from tying shoelaces to building a blanket fort. 


But beyond the playful antics and laughters, you are a pillar of love and support for all of us. Your patience and

understanding have taught our children valuable life lessons, and your unwavering love has made our

family bond unbreakable. 


So, on this special day, we will celebrate the incredible superhero you are. 


Thank you for being the heart and soul of our family, filing our lives with fun and adventure, and being the BEST

dad in our universe. Happy Father's Day. We love you! 


Love from us xxx