Dear Parents of (almost) Year 6 Students!

The first day of Year 6 is a momentous occasion in a student's life. It marks the beginning of the final year of

primary school, a time filled with excitement, anticipation, and a touch of nostalgia ... a stepping stone to

new adventures, greater responsibilities, and the preparation for high school. But amongst all that comes a whole

lot of puberty, questionable fashion choices, swoony heart eyes, playground politics, and some fun and laughter, too! 


Puberty Blues

Year 6 is where it all begins. You'll spot voices cracking like peanuts, faces sprouting more acne than a teenage

mutant ninja turtle, and kids suddenly growing a foot taller overnight. If you've never been here before ... brace

yourself ... it gets awkward! 


Battle of the Backpacks

Gone are the days of cute little backpacks with adorable cartoon characters. Year 6 marks the transition to

heavy-duty bags that are practically the size of a small car. These backpacks could easily double as emergency

survival kits with enough space for snacks, textbooks, gym shoes, and who knows what else. 


Fashion Faux Pas

The fashion landscape in Year 6 is a bewildering mess of style - or lack thereof. One day, your child is

obsessed with neon clothing brighter than the sun, and the next, they're sporting oversized t-shirts, hoodies,

and ripped jeans that make them look like a character from a post-apocalyptic movie. 


Love Triangles & Drama Drama Drama

Forget Shakespeare; Year 6 is where the real drama unfolds. There'll be whispered secrets, not-so-secret

crushes, and more drama than a daytime soap opera. Your child will likely be caught up in a tangled web of love

triangles and gossip so complicated that even Sherlock Holmes would throw in the towel. 


Homework Battles

Year 6 marks the beginning of the infamous "homework battles." Your child will suddenly become a master of

excuses to avoid completing their assignments. The dog will eat their homework, the wind will blow it away, or

they'll claim that a UFO abducted their math book. Be prepared for some creative storytelling.


In all seriousness, Year 6 is a fresh start, a clean slate for every student.

It's a time to set new goals, meet new friends, embrace challenges, and show the world what they're made of. 


So, encourage your child (and yourself) to make the most of this final year in primary school and create lasting

memories that will stay with you forever.