Fun Facts about Father's Day Around the World


Father's Day is a super sepcial day celebrated worldwide to show love and appreciation for our awesome dads

and father figures. Did you know that Father's Day is celebrated differently in different countries? Let's explore

some fun facts about Father's Day from around the world.


PSA! These fun facts are a treasure trove for parents and teachers, guarunteed to bring heaps of joy and

excitement as they educate their little ones in the lead up to Father's Day. 


Super Dad Origins: Long ago in the United States, a clever girl named Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to

honour her dad, her superhero. She thought, "Why not have a special day for fathers, just like we do for mothers?"

So, in 1910, the first Father's Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington. 


Date Variations: Father's Day is like a worldwide puzzle, with different dates in different countries. In the

United States, Canada and the UK, it's celebrated on the third Sunday of June. But guess what? In Australia,

New Zealand, and Fiji, it's in September. And in Germany, it happens 40 days after Easter on a special day

called Ascension Day. 


Cool Names: Just like superheroes have different names, Father's Day has different names too! In Thailand,

they call it "Wan Phor"(pronounced öne paw"), and it's celebrated in December. In Brazil, it's called "Dia dos Pais",

and in Spain it's "Dia del Padre". It's like a secret code for celebrating dads! 


Whacky Traditions: Every country has its own way of making Father's Day fun. In Germany, they have a special

day called "Männertag" or "Men's Day". On this day, dads go on exciting hikes, pull wagons filled with delicious

snacks, and have fun with their friends. In Italy, they celebrate Father's Day with St. Joseph's Day, enjoying yummy

meals and spending time with family. 


Quirky Gifts: Gifts are a fantastic way to show dads how much we love them. While ties and tools are popular

presents, some countries have unique gift-giving traditions. In Japan, kids make homemade sweets or handkerchiefs

for their dads. And in Mexico, dads often receive bottles of their favourite tequila. 


Record Breaking Fun: Did you know... In 2016, an incredible 27,000 people gathered for the largest Father's

Day celebration ever recorded in Manilla, Philippines! They played games, had loads of fun, and showed their

dads just how amaing they are. 


Sports Connections: If your dad loves sports, you're in luck! Father's Day and sports go hand in hand in

some countries, like the Dominican Republic. Families come together to watch or even play baseball, the

national sport. It's a day filled with cheers, laughter and making memories with Dad. 


Father's Day is a fantastic time to celebrate our incredible dads all around the world. From hiking adventures

in Germany to homemade sweets in Japan, each country has its unique way of showing love and appreciation.

So, this Father's Day, let's make it extra special by giving Dad a big hug, making him smile and remindimg him how

much we love to love him.


Happy Father's Day, superheroes!