Navigating School Friendships - Tips and Tricks!

Friendships are SO important when it comes to school life. They make everything more fun! But making and

keeping friends takes a bit of effort. So, here are some tips and tricks to help you work out the world of school


Just be YOU!

Imagine if all the crayons were the same colour – that would be boring, right? Well, same goes for friends! Be your

awesome self and let your true colours shine. Your personality and interests make you one-of-a-kind, and the

right friends will love you for it.

SMILE and wave!

A friendly smile can make everything better! Because when you're open and approachable, others feel

comfy around you. So, flash those pearly whites and say, "Hi!"

Everyone's different

Respect others' differences, whether it's their favourite game or how they talk. Learning from each other's

differences can lead to lifelong friendships.

Join clubs and teams

Whether it's art, soccer, science, or reading, join in on activities that match your interests. You'll meet friends

who love the same things, and you can cheer each other on!

Use your friendship superpower

Did you know you have a friendship superpower? It's called empathy! It's like wearing someone else's shoes

in your imagination. If a friend feels sad or happy, try to understand why. A little kindness goes a long way in

making hearts feel warm and fuzzy.

Stay away from the drama

Instead of talking about others behind their backs, spread smiles and laughter. If someone creates

drama, steer the conversation toward more positive stuff, like fun things you did on the weekend or a silly

joke you heard ... or just walk away and remove yourself from the situation. 

Talk and listen

Ever played a game without rules? It gets confusing, right? Well, friendships also need some

"rules," like talking and listening. If something's bothering you or a friend, talk about it kindly. And don't

forget to listen when they share, too. 

Quality friends

When it comes to friends, it's not about the number. Having a few true friends who are always there

for you is way cooler than having a bunch who don't have your back! 

Be yourself, be friendly, and remember, the best friendships are the ones where you can be your amazing self.


So spread kindness and make friends, and your school days will sparkle like the brightest star in the sky!