Spreading Smiles with Customised Shirts: The Ultimate Gift for Primary School Seniors and Kindergarten Kids!

It's that time of the year when our big and little superstars are starting to think about their final year of primary

school or excitedly waving goodbye to preschool, ready to conquer the world of kindergarten! What better

way to celebrate these epic milestones than with creativity and personalisation? 

Check out our NEW Customised Shirts range – the coolest, funnest gift to make every kid feel special. 

We've done the heavy lifting for you, of course, because our mission is to always make things EASY

for our Customers. This year, we have created Colour Bubbles to match your school colours ...

check them out HERE.


All you have to do is pick your school's Colour Bubble, and you'll find a heap of awesome new

designs to choose from! 

Don't stress if you don't see your colours; we add more colours and designs daily! If you don't

want to wait (and we don't blame you), have a look at another colour bubble to see the design options.

Once you see a design you like, click here to contact us, and we can transform it into your School colours! 

We can create a custom design for you FREE OF CHARGE, or simply choose from one of our many existing

designs. You can even design your own, run a competition for the kids to design or follow tradition and use

existing school artwork.


The possibilities are endless!

Here's how it works:

- Order a minimum of 25 shirts.

Standard shirt prices range from $38.50 each to $36.50 each, depending on the shirt quantity

needed. PSA! We have a tiered pricing system dependant on the material and design you choose.

- Click on your school colour bubble and choose your fave shirt design.

Hit the link in the description to email us an inquiry based on your design and follow the prompts. 

Delivery will take approx. 4-6 weeks once the final artwork is approved.

It's SO easy! 

Want to know why Customised Shirts are the ultimate choice for celebrating the beginning

and end of a primary school era?!

These shirts pack a double punch – they're comfy wearables and personalised keepsakes for our

primary school seniors and kindergarten starters, all rolled into one! 

Entering your final year of primary school is like levelling up in the game of life. And what better way

to showcase this accomplishment than with a personalised Year 6 shirt that stands out from the crowd

and shows off your primary school accomplishments. 

Kindergarten – where our little humans make new friends, learn new things and figure out the world

through curious eyes. Customised shirts for these young adventurers with a catchy phrase like "Ready to

rock BIG school!" are a great idea to add to your 2024 Orientation Packs. 

Customised shirts are not just gifts; they're the memories, the high-fives, the victory dances, and the

"you're awesome" declarations kids deserve as they tackle these amazing milestones. 

So, whether your little one is prepping for their final year of primary school or eagerly stepping into the

world of kindergarten, let's celebrate with shirts that are as unique and vibrant as their personalities.