The Minivan Mum - Who, What & Why


Being a mum in today's world is tough! Balancing work, home, and personal life while facing economic pressures,
societal expectations, and the fast pace of modern life can sometimes seem impossible. 

We juggle jobs and parenting without enough flexibility, and the high cost of living combined with the pressure
to be a "supermum" makes it even harder. Even managing children's screen time and navigating endless online
parenting advice adds to the challenge. 

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it starts within, right here, alongside the Minvan Mum. The Minivan
Mum is one of us, a mum trying to juggle the many balls we're "meant to". She's here to remind us to have some
fun, drop the unrealistic expectations, and enjoy life for what it is, celebrating our victories every step of the way.